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(the Berlin conference on ) is running a survey to figure out what people would prefer for a 2021 summer edition. Please boost!

(Note: I'm not affiliated with the conference, I just think it's great.)

Mastodon - disk space usage 

That's quite surprising, I always thought it was media attachment the major reason for disk space eating. Wll surprise:

mastodon at functional in ~/live 
$ RAILS_ENV=production tootctl media usage
Attachments: 6.37 GB (854 MB local)
Custom emoji: 920 MB (0 Bytes local)
Preview cards: 38.4 GB
Avatars: 6.18 GB (7.09 MB local)
Headers: 13.1 GB (12.2 MB local)
Backups: 0 Bytes
Imports: 0 Bytes
Settings: 0 Bytes

Hi everyone, for a bit of instance transparency: here's the actual list of other mastodon/pleroma instances that are currently block (at different levels) by

  • (suspended)
  • (suspended)
  • - (suspended)
  • (suspended)
  • (suspended)
  • (silenced)
  • (suspended)
  • (silenced)
  • (suspended)
  • (suspended)

You can find the differences between silenced and suspended here

I probably found the home timeline issue, let's see in the next hours...

We did it, Reddit! The new Pleroma release 2.1 is out, containing the first ever ActivityPub chat application!

Check out the release blog post at

Lots of changes in this one, I'm sure you'll like it!

Hi friends. As you surely have noticed, there were some issues with the instance lately. I'm trying my best to figure out what the hell is wrong with it.

I made some changes tonight, let's see how it goes.

Please, don't be afraid of contact me if you see something strange. You can direct message me or any other way.

There's some ways to contact me on my profile.


"Se soffri di diabete fin dalla tenera età, sei considerato un guerriero, ti guardano con tenerezza quando prendi la tua dose di insulina e trovi comprensione nel prossimo.

Se soffri di depressione fin dalla tenera età, sei considerato un debole, ti guardano con occhi sgomenti se assumi farmaci antidepressivi e trovi giudizio nel prossimo.

Chi soffre di un qualsiasi disagio psichico, infatti, spesso si sente “debole” e trova conferme nella società.

Lo stigma è un termine complesso che include problemi di conoscenza (ignoranza o mis-informazione), di attitudine (pregiudizio) e di comportamento (discriminazione).

Una persona che ha un dolore fisico non esita a contattare un medico; una persona che soffre di un disturbo mentale decide di ricorrere alle cure solo dopo diversi anni, precludendosi la possibilità di stare meglio."

Music / thoughts 

More and more "Mr. Knowitall"-like people nowadays.
Everybody seems to knows how to solve world-wide problems and who is to blame for those.
Strangely, tho, the ones to blame are always someone else.

"They call me Mr. Knowitall
I will not compromise.
I will not be told what to do.
I shall not step aside.

They call me Mr. Knowitall
I have no time to waste.
My mouth it spews pure intellect.
And I've such elegant taste."

Mastodon -> Pleroma adventure 

Looks like old toots (2017) have problems to be serialized by Mastodon, that's what crash the migration...

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Ok, guys, first issue, looks like the migrator doesn't support Mastodon v3.x.x yet:

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Guys, I'm making the first migration test, if everything goes smoothly, I'm planning to do the full migration tonight.

A quick clarification about the instances list I posted yesterday: it is not a list of dead instances, my bad. As @loke pointed out, is alive and well.

The process I started on monday was checking all remote accounts of this instance (about 115k). These accounts are followed by or follow one or more accounts of .

The remote account can be unreachable for different reasons: the instance is down, the ssl certificate of the instance is no longer valid or the remote user doesn't exist anymore.

At the end the process (tootclt accounts cull[1]) spits out a list of all the instances involved.


You guys have no idea about how many Mastodon instanced died these years... 🤦‍♂️

Hi . To ease the migration to Pleroma, I'm going to do a little maintenance, so the instance will be down for a bit, starting from 8.30 am UTC.

Thanks for your patience.

Sorry guys, I have to postpone the migration to Pleroma due to a lack of time (too much work related stuff).

I'm planning to migrate on my holidays in a couple of week. Of course, I'm going to make an announce probably one or two days before the actual migration.

Thanks, Marco.

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Ok, so the poll is closed, looks like we are going to migrate to Pleroma.

I'm going to make a couple of tests this weekend and probably we are going to do the actual migration on 01-02/08.

I'm always open to discuss this matter, but I think the choice is made.
Hope we'll all gain from this change.

This is a course on the foundations of computational linguistics, using :
From what I can see from a quick glance from the table of content, it contains a lot of stuff, from formal languages over bag-of-word approaches to Markov chains, but is not addressing more high-level aspects of CL, like semantics or discourse.


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