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You guys have no idea about how many Mastodon instanced died these years... 🤦‍♂️

Hi . To ease the migration to Pleroma, I'm going to do a little maintenance, so the instance will be down for a bit, starting from 8.30 am UTC.

Thanks for your patience.

Sorry guys, I have to postpone the migration to Pleroma due to a lack of time (too much work related stuff).

I'm planning to migrate on my holidays in a couple of week. Of course, I'm going to make an announce probably one or two days before the actual migration.

Thanks, Marco.

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Ok, so the poll is closed, looks like we are going to migrate to Pleroma.

I'm going to make a couple of tests this weekend and probably we are going to do the actual migration on 01-02/08.

I'm always open to discuss this matter, but I think the choice is made.
Hope we'll all gain from this change.

This is a course on the foundations of computational linguistics, using :
From what I can see from a quick glance from the table of content, it contains a lot of stuff, from formal languages over bag-of-word approaches to Markov chains, but is not addressing more high-level aspects of CL, like semantics or discourse.


If you're on Matrix and want to be on the same channel as I am (not that there is a good reason to want to do that) I have a channel on my server:

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

I'm going to recreate the poll, since it looks like users from outside the instance can vote it too and it will "poison" the result... Sorry about that.

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

Ah, I keep forgetting, if you want to give Pleroma a try, there's available.

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

I know I already bring this up before, but here I ask again: would be an issue for you guys to migrate from Mastodon to Pleroma?

Mastodon is really heavy, has a complex structure (3 different mastodon services, 1 postgresql, 1 redis) and somehow "castrated" by default, forcing to switch to a fork of it (glitch-soc, which works but of course have a "use at your own risk" disclaim) and sometimes it's a real PITA to update.

Actually, has 463 users registered, but only about 15-20% of them are active.

Now, an eventual migration to Pleroma will take some times, probably a day but you will keep your toots and your followers.

I'm going to make another poll on another toot for this decision, but I really hope to make the switch. It will means less maintenance, less downtime, less issues thanks to a minor complexity...

Let me know your thoughts.

Ok, updated to 3.1.5+Glitch, let me know if you have any issue.

Hello fellow users of . Today I'm going to update our instance with the latest Glitch release (for those who doesn't know we are running a fork of the offical Mastodon).

There will be some downtime, so be patient. Thank you all for the collaboration.

My upcoming Common Lisp book, "The Common Lisp Condition System", was officially announced by Apress. It'll be available in paper and electronic formats at the end of the year.

HN discussion:

We proudly released a production ready java-script to embed mastodon public timelines on webpages. Example can be found here:

Howto & download can be found here:

Happy toothing & embeding 🙂

#clojure #clojurescript #mastodon #embed #feed #opensource


If you like prog/math rock, here there's a band for you, Covet:

I want to apologize for the instance issues yesterday, I'm busy, tired and stoopid: a lethal combination.

I don't know how, I broke the certificate renewal and that was the result. Won't happen again.

Thanks you all, especially: @spectrumgomas, @minoru and

Hey @mosesgikomba welcome to the Functional Cafe. I'm the admin here and @phoe is our moderator.

If you have any questions related to how the Fediverse or Mastodon works, feel free to ping us!

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