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:pensive_party_blob: Cool job alert :pensive_party_blob:

Google is hiring folks with UX accessibility skills (ex. WCAG) for work on Google Cloud Platform. Feel free to DM me for the hook up and please spread the word!

Our Italian partner is putting out Italian versions of some of our greatest videos, check out the document collaboration one!

We still have a couple of spots available for my online #python course.
If a couple of people get in, it will be sustainable and I will take it seriously (yes, I able to do that).

If you are interested, please ping me. I plan to start soonish, as we all are in quarantine.

It's going to be a 30 day course (maybe some more) with exercises and a lot of fun I can promise.

In questo periodo di reclusione, l'ansia può essere un avversario particolarmente duro, sia per chi già ne soffre sia per chi la scopre per la prima volta.

Per questo, ho creato una piccola lista di consigli.

Spero possa tornarvi utile. ❤️ :blobmiou:

#ansia #quarantena #psicologia #illustration


Another fast-forward way to let anyone work with Italian #covid19 data and #clojure.

No worries, even if you're not Italian there's a mapping from Italian column names to English ones!

I've released a new version (2.11.0) of hikari-cp: a #Clojure wrapper to #HikariCP #JDBC connection pool.

Also, I'm thrilled it passed over 1M download on Clojars! THANK YOU!

Clojure Weekly newsletter

There were a few Clojure themed newsletters launched over the years. But none of them seem active now. So I'm launching this. If nothing else, at least my friends will subscribe :)

Let's see how long I can keep it going.

Use CWs for corona related posts! 

Fibonacci - A naive slow recursive solution in Clojure

(defn fib [n]
(case n
0 0
1 1
(+ (fib (- n 1))
(fib (- n 2)))))

1000 chars test 

Morning guys. I'll start the migration to Glitch fork in about 30 minutes. There will be downtime, be patient.


Anyway, for those who are interested (and for my curiosity) I set up a instance of on:

Ok guys, I'm going to move from the official Mastodon code to the Glitch fork (

It will be quite a change, I'm going to schedule it on March 5.


Morning (here)! Updated to the last version (3.1.2), there was a security issue.

@minoru I also disabled `tootctl feeds clear` for the moment.

Thanks for your patience, pals.

Sorry for the downtime folks, sometimes the clean up crontab doesn't work and the instance ends up full... Working on it.

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