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Clojure Weekly newsletter

There were a few Clojure themed newsletters launched over the years. But none of them seem active now. So I'm launching this. If nothing else, at least my friends will subscribe :)

Let's see how long I can keep it going.

Use CWs for corona related posts! 

Fibonacci - A naive slow recursive solution in Clojure

(defn fib [n]
(case n
0 0
1 1
(+ (fib (- n 1))
(fib (- n 2)))))

1000 chars test 

Morning guys. I'll start the migration to Glitch fork in about 30 minutes. There will be downtime, be patient.


Anyway, for those who are interested (and for my curiosity) I set up a instance of on:

Ok guys, I'm going to move from the official Mastodon code to the Glitch fork (

It will be quite a change, I'm going to schedule it on March 5.


Morning (here)! Updated to the last version (3.1.2), there was a security issue.

@minoru I also disabled `tootctl feeds clear` for the moment.

Thanks for your patience, pals.

Sorry for the downtime folks, sometimes the clean up crontab doesn't work and the instance ends up full... Working on it.

Ok, a little bit of history about the propose to switch to Pleroma. A couple of users asked me to "tweak" Mastodon to add some functionality, but I have no time nor the competence to keep a fork of it. Most of this tweaks are already included in Pleroma, so one of the suggestion was to switch to it. That's why I'm asking how many people are interested in the switch.

What do you guys think about switching from to ?


Just updated to Mastodon v3.0.1.

Sorry for the downtime! Enjoy.

People claiming Facebook is where people put a lot of fake stuff about themselves ("Happiness" photos, while living in crippling depression) must not have seen LinkedIn.

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