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Ok, a little bit of history about the propose to switch to Pleroma. A couple of users asked me to "tweak" Mastodon to add some functionality, but I have no time nor the competence to keep a fork of it. Most of this tweaks are already included in Pleroma, so one of the suggestion was to switch to it. That's why I'm asking how many people are interested in the switch.

What do you guys think about switching from to ?


Just updated to Mastodon v3.0.1.

Sorry for the downtime! Enjoy.

People claiming Facebook is where people put a lot of fake stuff about themselves ("Happiness" photos, while living in crippling depression) must not have seen LinkedIn.

Hello. This weekend I'm going to update this instance to Mastodon v3.0.0... There are a lot of changes, some are breaking too, so take a look at the changelog:

The most important, I thinks, is that OStatus support has been removed.

I'm really interested in -lang these days...

Anyone has some experience to share?

Sorry for the downtime, disk was full (again) and it took a bit to clean up some space.

I don't really understand why the cron job doesn't do its duty...

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music: An Interactive, Encyclopedic Data Visualization of 120 Years of Electronic Music

Rafael G. González-Acuña came up with an equation that provides an analytical solution for counteracting spherical aberration in lenses.

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