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Ok guys, is now updated to v2.7.0.

Looks like there is an issue with pinned searches...

Hi all, I need to reboot the instance for maintenance in about 5 minutes. I'll probably update to Mastodon 2.7.0 too.

Thanks for your patience.

A shout-out to all people interested in #Clojure and #datascience: we're organizing the community to move Clojure forward in the field and everyone is invited!!!

I’m a generalist with 15 years professional experience and engineering/computer science degrees. Full-stack Ruby, ReasonML most recently with a fair bit of Rust on the side.

Looking for a role in Melbourne AU or remote friendly. Would love to work a bit lower down the stack, systems level, embedded, OS, networking for example. Want to work for a business that values quality and correctness, not just deadlines and piling on technical debt.

Pls boost for reach 🙏

Hi everyone, does any of you have experience with ? Would you recommend it for a work laptop?

I'm asking cause I read it's sitll in beta.

I'm trying to write a chess engine in in these holidays, it's something I always wanted to do. The problem is I'm lazy as f**k... 😴

I named it Vinnik in honor of Mikhail Botvinnik, a chess world champion and a pioneer of computer chess.

Since you might have lost it I recently published a thorough tutorial to doing machine learning in #Clojure with #XGBoost

Ok, I'm an idiot, is already up-to-date to v2.6.1.
Sorry for the false alarm... :/

Hello functional folks, I'm going to update to v2.6.1 today, so probably there will be some downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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