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Hey pals, I'm not dead, I just don't have time to toot! 😼

#Clojure David Nolen - A practical functional relational architecture (Code Mesh 2017) |

I've been creating an Emacs client for Keybase chat. Nice to not have to run the Electron application.

What did I learn from this update? (2.5.0)

Even if you have nearly 20 years of IT experience, you still need to be careful.

(Even if the postgresql 9.4 deprecation is not mentioned on the release notes.)

fun-cafe post mortem update 

Just a year ago I wouldn't have cared less about a new #Java GC.

Me now: "Oh god! This is amazing!!! The new ZGC in Java 11 is going to be H-U-G-E!!! Think about all the possibilities especially with parallel stuff in #clojure!!!!"

Instance Maintenance 

I just updated my website, the blog is gone (for now). It's more like a personal manifesto, now.

I can use it as an , I think.
There are some typos and errors here and there, if you spot one feel free to let me know. Thanks.

@neilgall Common Lisp has proper types. Not algebraic ones like Haskell, but we nonetheless enjoy strong dynamic typing.

I'm creating a « personal » account over there:

This way I'll keep this one centered on my work and I'll speak about the rest (my personal life, politics but *mostly* the infamous british railway network) on this new account.

I'll probably toot both in French and English.

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