A TI-99A? I still have mine cheek to cheek to my C=64 at my parent's house. 😍

If Hiccup excites you, check out this PR I wrote to migrate liquidz/clj-vimhelp from Hiccup 1.0 (bad) to Hiccup 2.0 (good) github.com/liquidz/clj-vimhelp

@rosactrl no worries, personally I agree with you, 500 characters are more than enough for me 😅

@rosactrl also, the ActivityPub protocol (afaik) does not pose limits to the message length, it's just a constraint Mastodon imposes.

Announcing Papillon, an interceptor library for and . We are using it at work in production, but publishing it as a Preview version for community feedback in the goal of stability that the ecosystem is known for.


devs will be happy to know that XTDB has a Mastodon account.


ok, thanks for the patience, looks like everything worked as intended. 🥳

Please report me or on Matrix channel if you notice something weird.

@otfrom Don't worry, actually the instance doesn't cost me a lot and the maintenance is pretty low, so no worry. 😉​

users, since the instance and its surrounding are growing, I need to make a bit of maintenance on the database. There will be some downtime around 19:30 UTC.

@juliobiason You should take a look at aniseed[0] and magic-kit[1] which allow you to write the nvim configuration in Fennel[3].

[0] github.com/Olical/aniseed
[1] github.com/Olical/magic-kit
[3] fennel-lang.org

Also, I noticed I made a logo for the Matrix channel 😅

Anyway I will collect some logo ideas and submit them to the community to choose.

Hey folks, just a quick reminder that the instance has a matrix channel if you want to jump in and say hi:


Hey / Mastodon people, can anyone help me to design a logo for functional.cafe? After all these years we still lack one... 😓

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