@philipwhite Which shell do you use? I use fish and there's a nice add on that sends a system notification when a command has finished.


I'm sure there's something similar for zsh or bash.

Just updated to Mastodon v3.0.1.

Sorry for the downtime! Enjoy.

@tfb @pureevil It's something that Gargron itself doesn't like... There are a couple of PR about that, like:

@pureevil @tfb if increasing the max size of a toot means to fork Mastodon, I don't have the time nor the competence to do it.

@fndriven re-frame is really cool... It's how I suppose a SPA should be built.

unpopular (?) opinion, s/w dev't 

People claiming Facebook is where people put a lot of fake stuff about themselves ("Happiness" photos, while living in crippling depression) must not have seen LinkedIn.

@loke None that I'm aware of... What is the size (in kb) of the picture?

@juliobiason Yeah, the last toot on the local timeline was 7h ago, so I was afraid something was wrong... 😅

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