There appears to be an effort to make trick people who is trying to learn about the Fediverse into the bad (and mostly blocked by the main instances) by creating content that talks about the Fediverse but only mentions the peach instances. I've already lost the link to that site that was shared here some time ago, and I don't feel like looking at it again.

More recently I found fediverse dot wiki (not linking directly do it) that seems part of the same effort.

Are there more?

users, yesterday there's been an issue with the instance services, sorry for the downtime.

@otfrom Really? I play 2048 to fight my anxiety.
That or a guitar usually do it.

@bluberrycookie soffro di DAP/agorafobia dal 2002 e ti capisco. Dopo anni di isolamento, svariati terapisti e farmaci, sebbene stia molto meglio non posso dire di essere guarito.
Soprattutto perché ho smesso di considerarla una malattia, qualcosa di esterno che non dovrebbe succedere: fa semplicemente parte del mio io più primitivo.
L'ho accettata, fa parte di me, scendiamo a patti, non sono più spaventato quando fa capolino e a volte è anche utile.
L'accettazione può sembrare un atteggiamento comodo e passivo, ho imparato che invece richiede una costanza e una volontà non indifferenti.
Un abbraccio e coraggio!


A TI-99A? I still have mine cheek to cheek to my C=64 at my parent's house. 😍

If Hiccup excites you, check out this PR I wrote to migrate liquidz/clj-vimhelp from Hiccup 1.0 (bad) to Hiccup 2.0 (good)

@rosactrl no worries, personally I agree with you, 500 characters are more than enough for me 😅

@rosactrl also, the ActivityPub protocol (afaik) does not pose limits to the message length, it's just a constraint Mastodon imposes.

Announcing Papillon, an interceptor library for and . We are using it at work in production, but publishing it as a Preview version for community feedback in the goal of stability that the ecosystem is known for.

devs will be happy to know that XTDB has a Mastodon account.


ok, thanks for the patience, looks like everything worked as intended. 🥳

Please report me or on Matrix channel if you notice something weird.

@otfrom Don't worry, actually the instance doesn't cost me a lot and the maintenance is pretty low, so no worry. 😉​

users, since the instance and its surrounding are growing, I need to make a bit of maintenance on the database. There will be some downtime around 19:30 UTC.

@juliobiason You should take a look at aniseed[0] and magic-kit[1] which allow you to write the nvim configuration in Fennel[3].


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