I really like the concept of streams instead of channels and the topics part.

I must admit that Clojurians on Zulip chat is quite nice, the UI is really nice thought.


@bluberrycookie Bisognerebbe fare com il cibo: se una cosa puzza e non ti piace, non mangiarla, potrebbe farti male alla salute.

@TheAspiringHacker Yep, you can change your email address under Preferences > Settings > Security.

@bensturmfels My main worry is that my laptop, a XPS 13", is not Linux-libre... like the broadcom wifi, for example.

@Tord yep, it's quite confusing at first, but great once you've get used to it! 😉

Once again, our new #clojure hire is productive in a couple of weeks. He came in with no Clojure experience (but some Haskell). Hate to harp on about it, but the idea that you can’t find devs or that Clojure is hard to learn is just rubbish if your company is in a city or you have remote workers.

@newt why so nervous? You surely have more knowledge on the subject than your students. 😉

I was going to announce it a bit later and more properly, but Mastodon received a $70k grant from Samsung NEXT through OpenCollective. I intend to make it available to those who contribute to the project, and have already notified some of the most regular contributors. The way OpenCollective works is that anyone can submit an expense and all transactions are listed transparently. It also holds the money.

As for myself, I intend to continue using Patreon for my own wage/costs.

Ok guys, is now updated to v2.7.0.

Looks like there is an issue with pinned searches...

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