In the last few days I made some substantial advancements in my understanding of the so called continuations in Guile

Continuations have been elusive for years

FIRST @neetx suggested me this course (that can be interesting for more scheme features) and particularly this lecture about the continuations passing style

In this course a version of map is shown written in continuation passing style

I didn't understand it so I followed the SICP advice for when you don't understand a piece of code

I made the substitutions of the labda calculus by hand

So the lecture is here

and my work with the manual substitutions is here

BUT the course doesn't illustrate the relationship between cps and the usage of call/cc

So I found another video where an example of usage of call/cc is shown for implementing a cooperative concurrency system

This one

I didn't watch it all yet but the example is very effective and made me do a real breakthrough in understanding

Why din't I do this investigation earlier ?

Because I was discouraged

Thank you again @neetx

Why nobody ever mention to me the existence of org-use-speed-commands nor speed keys in general? They're fantastic!

@newt I have a Slimbook with an AMD Ryzen CPU/GPU, so the only way to have a proper support for a dual monitor is to use Gnome Wayland... and I'm a KDE fanboy... 😢

@MutoShack @phoe
The instance disk was full, damn, it will be ok in about an hour.

I know that Uncle Bob is not everybody's darling anymore these days and rightfully so, but he's written a nice blog post on using Clojure spec to meet his needs for types:

@juliobiason beware, loss of smell and taste are not in the top five symptoms anymore with the delta variant.
I suggest a test to be sure: it's fast, painless and can be a life saver.

I love modal editing and I tried hard, but there's no way I can use evil-mode on Emacs... I feel dirty to use a mix of keybinding, vim/emacs.

Of course, I can use Spacemacs/Doom Emacs, but then again I lose the possibility of a tailor-made configuration...

@pureevil well, I just need a snippet of code, not really a emacs distribution... 😅

Has anyone a good custom configuration of + evil-mode + smartparens/paredit to share?


Dogs and work 

When you wanna work, but someone needs cuddles.

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