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@MutoShack been there, done that! 😆

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@amiloradovsky The state of GNU/Linux desktop is better than 10-15 years ago, but it still quite a mess. I have the same requirements as you do, I tried a lot of different WM but I went back to KDE for the sake of my mental health: I can't spend a week to configure a desktop anymore...

I remember using WindowMaker on Slackware 7 and it was simpler than now with i3/sway/bspwm/etc...

Every now and then I bust out a Lisp interpreter and poke at it for a few hours, and think about how much less software would suck if it had gotten popular instead of C. Lisp may be the most beautiful written language of any kind, and as an industry we’re stuck in a loop constantly trying to reinvent it, badly.

@juliobiason Let me know if you can get a new battery. A colleague had the same problem and called Dell, which replied his battery model was out of production (XPS 13" 9360 - 2015).
I think he found an unofficial one somewhere.

John Lennon - Imagine, in the version pulled from the book Data-Oriented Programming:

Hey, users! Looks like the server migration has been successful!

I still have to tune some little details, pgbouncer for example, so there can be other minor hiccup in the service.

As always, you can contact me if you notice anything weird.


@schaueho First time I try with admin announcements, there should be a small blue icon on top of the home timeline (📣​)... I can't see it anymore. I made a toot just to be sure.

Hello fellow users.

In case you've missed the administration announcement, I need to migrate the actual instance to another server.

It will take part of the weekend (6-7/2) and the instance will not be available.

Thanks for your patience.

@MutoShack I tried almost all the Matrix client out there, NeoChat included, to avoid the Electron Official Shit, but none of them is feature complete as the official one.

The only one who stands out is Mirage (

Just finished a full article today (something I wanted to write since I first created the blog)!

I finally feel like I've given rmail enough attention.

Hello ,
Thanks to now has its own status page at where you can see if the main site has any problem and keep updated with the resolutions.

> BookWyrm is a social network for reading, reviewing, and talking about books. BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, open-source, and federated.

h/t @darius @darius

I woke up early, got bored, hyperfocused and wrote a graphical utility for calculating bidding values of hands for in one sitting. Only a bit over 500 lines of . Give it a try here:

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