@schaueho @hugoestr @loke Telling the truth, it's a reprise of an old article from Uncle Bob's previous blog:


In this 9 years he spoke a lot about Clojure, it's not the first time. Anyway I think his goal was to explain why he choose Clojure, not to make a deep comparison between Clojure and $LANGUAGE.

The blog post (it's not really an "article") isn't really informational, it's just nice to know that someone with his experience has choose Clojure.

@hugoestr I had the fortune to talk with Daniel at the conference, he's a great guy. And yes, we people tend to take for granted some notions, without questioning them. We should do it more often.

@juliobiason because I'm lazy, I use a Hetzner service which hosts for you (hetzner.com/storage/nextcloud).

100GB for ~3 euros/month.

Rafael G. González-Acuña came up with an equation that provides an analytical solution for counteracting spherical aberration in lenses.

I like how this Vice article on newly discovered public domain books (because 80% of authors didn't extend their copyright after 28 years prior to 1964) mentions the Mastodon bot @SecretlyPublicDomain in passing. Yay for the Fediverse, and the public domain!


is been a fantastic experience! I'm looking forward to attend the next year!

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