I want to apologize for the instance issues yesterday, I'm busy, tired and stoopid: a lethal combination.

I don't know how, I broke the certificate renewal and that was the result. Won't happen again.

Thanks you all, especially: @spectrumgomas, @minoru and @JK008

Hey @mosesgikomba welcome to the Functional Cafe. I'm the admin here and @phoe is our moderator.

If you have any questions related to how the Fediverse or Mastodon works, feel free to ping us!

@amiloradovsky @HappyWizard @tfb

Don't know, for my point of view the "everything is a file", "one program do one thing" and piping data sounds pretty solid.

Maybe it's my functional background.

Sorry guys, I was doing some maintenance to the main server and redis went down without notice, everything should be fine now.

@AbbieNormal I once managed to "hack" hashtags to make them hierarchical: I used semi commas for subdivisions, like:


and then managed by the backend for searching.

@philipwhite I trusted their independence, which is something they have lost now, as it happened with github by the way.

I think I'm going to delete my account. What do you think guys?

At 166 A4 pages, 3 published libraries and 6 ASDF systems in total, my upcoming book, Common Lisp Condition System, has reached its first beta version.

I am looking for reviewers for the current version of the text; it won't change much from now on, other than for review remarks.

The things required for me releasing it publicly are reviewing the text, re-testing all the code stored in it, creating a GitHub repository for the code stored in it, and creating the reference for the standard symbols/functions/macros/variables of the condition system.


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