People claiming Facebook is where people put a lot of fake stuff about themselves ("Happiness" photos, while living in crippling depression) must not have seen LinkedIn.

@loke None that I'm aware of... What is the size (in kb) of the picture?

@juliobiason Yeah, the last toot on the local timeline was 7h ago, so I was afraid something was wrong... 😅

Hello. This weekend I'm going to update this instance to Mastodon v3.0.0... There are a lot of changes, some are breaking too, so take a look at the changelog:

The most important, I thinks, is that OStatus support has been removed.


Unfortunately, I know. Things are not so different in the "fabulous" north-east.

Don't know why, I never thought you were from Italy... 😅

@AbbieNormal You can try to propose a project to the local publix administration... but it's true that is also a work per sé...

@tfb weird, because the author of Janet is the same guy who made Fennel (a lisp that transpile to Lua)

@tfb I'm quite ignorant about the implementation details, what do you mean with "stack machine"?

I'm really interested in -lang these days...

Anyone has some experience to share?

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