I'm slowly migrate myself to p.functional.cafe, the new Pleroma instance of , just to understand how hard it is to self-migrate.

A self-migration means the old statuses from Mastodon will be lost.

@mdallastella So only the follow-list is migrated, right?

What's the plan regarding the domain name? It's a pity that we'll have an extra "p." in our handles, but I guess that's unavoidable?


Yeah, it isn't pretty, but I don't know how else manage two instances on the same domain...

@mdallastella @minoru What about lambda.functional.cafe or even λ.functional.cafe ?

@tfb @mdallastella @minoru Π

And if seriously, imagine typing the URL in on a keyboard without special layouts.

@amiloradovsky @mdallastella @minoru it's pretty easy to type xn--wxa if you can't easily type λ, but I think a redirect from lambda. would probably be needed for humans

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