I think I'm going to delete my account. What do you think guys?

@mdallastella I don't think the recent Zoom acquisition should have too much effect on how you view . If you trusted them with some part of your security, why would that change now? That is, if you don't trust Zoom, then you probably shouldn't have trusted KeyBase, since they apparently trust Zoom.

Now, perhaps the recent acquisition has caused you to realize what I just said, which makes it reasonable to now want to stop using it.

I think deleting an account is about the same as just not using it. It's not as though your life becomes less cluttered just because you deleted something that someone else was keeping track of for you anyway.

The really important thing to remove is any important security things that you have been trusting KeyBase with.

@philipwhite I trusted their independence, which is something they have lost now, as it happened with github by the way.

@mdallastella But Zoom is still independent, right? And so is Microsoft, in the case of GitHub. I suppose each of the individual products is no longer independent, but at that point we've equated independence with having just one focus.

What if KeyBase had decided to get into the video conference business and became massively successful instead of Zoom? Would the same reaction have been warranted?

@philipwhite @mdallastella Having a public account on a service is endorsement of the service.

@amiloradovsky @philipwhite @mdallastella I think it goes a bit too far to call it an "endorsement" but it's explicitly a form of support.

I mean, there are thousands of Twitter and YouTube accounts largely devoted to talking shit about those platforms and encouraging people to leave them.

That's the devil's bargain: how do you lure people off a platform that's the main place where conversations are happening -- without using it?

...which inherently builds more engagement on that platform.

@byron @philipwhite @mdallastella Yep, it's complicated. But I hate to play the manipulation games. I usually just try to do what would be optimal in the ideal world (maybe hoping to set an example, IDK), ignoring the transitional effects.

My main problem is perhaps being not ruthless and organized enough, to make the changes sooner, and generally (and objectively) weak to make a lot of change fast.

@amiloradovsky @philipwhite @mdallastella That's a valid choice. But to be fair, more large scale change generally comes from the people who do engage in social influence activities, especially when it comes to anything that has a network effect.

@byron @philipwhite @mdallastella Technically you're right, but I just can't. I mean reaching out to lots of people with very different mindset.

@amiloradovsky @philipwhite @mdallastella Totally, I get that!

My intended point was basically that both roles are valid. I'd say in general, few people in tech are good at influencing people, because that's essentially a marketing activity, even as an advocate.

So it's totally cool to just say "I'm not gonna try to force anyone to join me, but I'm going over here where it's safer, hope some people come too!"

But it's just as important to respect people who do the influence work, too.

Yes, technicians are generally not good at pitching alternatives.

Its a very slow process, if you can get one person per year to learn the important things you are doing a good job.

Focus on "being there" for friends and relatives, be open with your journey. They slowly come to you for advice when they're ready ;)

(We haven't read how this discussion started but yes, do support people who try to on-board, they're likely #shadowBanned on #fb)

@amiloradovsky @philipwhite @mdallastella

@mdallastella I'm keeping my account for now. I'm using it as a free file exchange service and it work pretty well for that.

I'll have to wait and see what they end up doing later.

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