Today I moved to . It's really different from the other distros I used before, but the reproducibility of the system is an amazing thing.

@mdallastella I used it for a couple of months, but I switched back because it still lacks a lot of packages (I tried, but I've no time to contribute :-(). Mainly I remember many KDE stuff were missing/broken.

The configuration.nix file is simply amazing: it was like having a Dockerfile/Vagrantfile for my personal laptop. Amazing!

@mdallastella hello there, installed Guix on top of Fedora yesterday!

@charlag guix will be the best for me, since I'm a Clojure/Lisp developer. Unfortunately, I use a lot of software which licenses are not compatible with the guix philosophy... 😔

@mdallastella @charlag guix-nonfree:

I doubt the core developers will do that themselves, but, if it prevents people from switching to Guix from Nixpkgs, I guess, it would be a reasonable move — just don't place the proprietary and clopen-source s/w into the main repo and disable the nonfree repo by default, like Debian does.

@mdallastella @amiloradovsky @charlag Does Guix actively prevent people from adding repositories with nonfree software?

@loke @mdallastella @amiloradovsky @charlag Guix IMHO makes it even _easier_ to distribute closed source stuff, so I'm glad they are keeping it fully free. I'd rather have it work on fewer platforms out of the box and pull people into free software. Guix and Nix are arguably the best things that have happened to Linux in some time and they could convince more people to start using free software.

@mdallastella @charlag after I tried to use nix and it installed adobe flash without my asking that sounds awesome. never felt so betrayed by oss in my life.

@charlag @mdallastella back when I tried it the nix package labeled "firefox" was actually "firefox+adobe-flash-plugin" for some unspeakably bad reason

(this was many years ago but it was such an egregious breach of trust that it still makes me cringe)

@charlag I did it following the installation guide. They have a script for it. hehehe

@ekaitz_zarraga script wouldn't work for me because it uses gpg and I needed gpg2 binary. I wouldn't run script from root anyway. I think selinux could break it actually.

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