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We're excited to host the first ever Foundation and Community devroom at! A full day of talks, demos and workshops around Matrix itself and projects built on top of Matrix 🏗️

Send us your proposals!

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Wollt ihr euren Servern, PCs oder Notebooks mal etwas gutes tun?

Mehr RAM ist immer gut, oder?

Ich habe einiges an RAM zu verschenken!
Ja, verschenken!
(Übernahme des Portos wäre schön)

Ich gebe ungern alles auf einmal her für "Lagerhaltung", gerne aber für eure konkreten Geräte.

Folgendes habe ich auf Lager:
23x DDR3 2GB unregistered ECC
22x DDR3 4GB registered ECC
sehr viele DDR2 ECC RAM

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One of my favorite past times is writing and performing grammatically correct versions of popular songs. Check out some of my best hits like:

* I Can Not Get Any Satisfaction
* There is Not A Mountain High Enough
* There is No Sunshine
* There is Nothing to It But to Do it
* Sitting on the Dock at a Bay
* Someone Whom I Used to Know
* You Have Not Seen Anything Yet

#funny #joke #humor #humour @funny #music #singing

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A programmer was arrested for writing unreadable code. They refused to comment.

#humor #geek #joke

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The user interface is an ncurses style text UI which uses the block terminal to it's advantage. You can either fill out forms and hit enter or type in a command the machine will run, either another window to open up or a command with options to run. This is used for many system administration tasks as well. Every program has a consistent user interface with f3 being to back out and f12 being to cancel.
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symmetrist (are you on mastodon?) pulled off a Vccq hardware mod to increase the eMMC speed of @PINE64 #pinephone 1.2 from 55 MB/s to 125 MB/s, added great documentation to the wiki and cleverly packaged the device tree overlay so it is entirely optional 👏

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"It is time to find you a husband," the king said. "Shall we hold a ball?"
"No," said the princess, "I think I'll organise a popular uprising, overthrow the ruling class, and institute a democratic welfare state."
"How will you get a husband from that?"
"Won't know until I try."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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The music controls in the latest Phosh are really really nice :)

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A Linux distribution with the /e/ ecosystem and Android applications. Nice review at @TechRepublic

"This is truly something no other Linux "cloudified" desktop has ever achieved and it's pretty amazing."


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Neue Version der Messenger-Matrix (08.11.2021) ist online! 🧙‍♂️

Fehler/Unstimmigkeiten bitte melden.


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@AlexSittner @kuketzblog
#Schildichat, ein #Element Fork, jedoch mit #UnifiedPush :). Aber ist wohl zu viel für die Liste. Die Unterstützung für UnifiedPush wäre aber interessant als Information an sich.

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