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@mulander They totally suck at communication, but other than that this seems not much different from the old Firefox <> Iceweasel situation in Debian?

@galaxis we are not bitter on their licensing claims and branding. They have the right to do that, they behaved like assholes to someone who actually reached out and tried to cooperate with them. Please see my comment in the linked issue for more details.

@galaxis as in, seriously they did a cease & desist against a work in progress repository to someone who approached them on how to do it properly - it's not like we distributed a branded Pale Moon browser...

Elias Mårtenson @loke

@mulander @galaxis wow. That thread sure is something else.

Like others said, I have never used Pale Moon, but now I really never want to.

Like you said, they may be in the right from a legal point of view, but there is no need to be absolute arseholes about it.