I need to replace my router. I'm currently using an Ubiquity Edgerouter Pro, but it has some limitations that I cannot fix without new hardware.

I have a pretty complicated configuration where I have multiple networks (VLAN's for the DMZ as well as a VPN provider to get exit points in different countries), native IPv6, and a detailed firewall configuration. I've also set up DoH on the router side (running arbitrary Linux code on the router is really useful).

I've also nicely set everything up with the router and other hardware wall-mounted next to the fibre endpoint.

I'm really not looking forward to reconfiguring all of this. I don't even know what hardware/software I could use.

@loke Synology might be worth a look?
Do let me know what you end up going with - my router is starting to do very strange things and is many many years old and I can't be arsed to put hours into it when I could just buy a new, shinier one.

@Quokka I haven't looked into those. The only two alternatives I have considered so far are OpenWRT and Mikrotik. At least those tick all the boxes, but for the former I still don't know what actual hardware to get.

@loke @Quokka

Ubiquiti seems to be a deadend these days. I'm quite happy with Mikrotik switches but went with s generic fanless pc and OpnSense for the router. Not sure I'd do that again these days but cannot really complain.

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