Quick, tell me if these buttons are on or off?

Surely it must be intentional that the buttons are so ridiculously ambiguous. Of course, give is a few more seconds to think about it and it's more clear. Just clear enough to be able to argue obviousness to the DPA.

Hmm it's from the Guardian website. It's turned off.

@thisisfilber7 Yes, I wasn't actually trying to learn if it was off or not. It's not that hard to figure out. However, I believe they make it just hard enough to be able to confuse some people and get to to click the wrong button while at the same time feign ignorance as to how anyone could ever make the wrong choice.

Ahh my apology 😅 yes you're right. Many websites still do not provide the option to reject all.

@Elias Mårtenson Imagine if the browsers did not allow replacing standard controls with custom ones? Designers would of course complain, but things like this would never be a problem.

@harald As long as you have a turing-complete language in the browser, that will unfortunately not work.

At this point I'd be in favour of an EU mandated form where they specify the exact content so that sites can't have these dark patterns anymore.

@Elias Mårtenson You're right it will not work... but one can dream of a simpler web that puts the visitor in control rather than the site designers.
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