Not gonna lie; I really miss when @djsundog, @cwebber , @loke, @akkartik, @freakazoid, @patrick, @requiem, and so many others who initially welcomed me to the Fediverse would post updates on their projects. It was motivational to me. And when a project update does manage to cross my feed, it still is.

Today, however, my feed is so heavily plastered over with political or economic content (almost universally negative), that I don't even see these updates anymore, if they're even being made at all.

I came here, to the Fediverse, to escape from reality a bit. It's now quickly reached the point where I now must seek out reality to escape from world consciousness.

Under no circumstances am I blaming anyone for this state of affairs, though. The world is totally a dumpster fire right now, and all manner of people who are directly affected by it have an absolute right to vent about it. I support this.

Still, I can't help but wax nostalgic of the days when my feed were more about thing hacking and less about hacking though life for basic survival.

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Completely agree. While I'm all for political discourse, it's been wearing me down and having a net-negative impact on my mental well-being. As such, I've been pruning what comes down my feed to steer clear of that stuff. I'll read the news or books regarding politics and such, but really don't want it in my social media right now.


@pennywhether @vertigo @djsundog @cwebber @akkartik @freakazoid @patrick @requiem It is interesting how there are many people who post really interesting content, but their boosts are nothing but garbage. 🙂

@loke @pennywhether @vertigo @djsundog @cwebber @akkartik @freakazoid @patrick

I love seeing new ideas, new creations, etc. I’d love to see more of them in all fields (not just tech), especially sociopoliticaletc.,

I hope to have more cool projects to talk about soon, for me it’s mostly just a busy time of year 🤣

But yeah, I think more and more people are seeing and feeling what’s broken in the world and this is an effect of that. Hopefully we can find ways to hack those things as well.

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