Not gonna lie; I really miss when @djsundog, @cwebber , @loke, @akkartik, @freakazoid, @patrick, @requiem, and so many others who initially welcomed me to the Fediverse would post updates on their projects. It was motivational to me. And when a project update does manage to cross my feed, it still is.

Today, however, my feed is so heavily plastered over with political or economic content (almost universally negative), that I don't even see these updates anymore, if they're even being made at all.

I came here, to the Fediverse, to escape from reality a bit. It's now quickly reached the point where I now must seek out reality to escape from world consciousness.

Under no circumstances am I blaming anyone for this state of affairs, though. The world is totally a dumpster fire right now, and all manner of people who are directly affected by it have an absolute right to vent about it. I support this.

Still, I can't help but wax nostalgic of the days when my feed were more about thing hacking and less about hacking though life for basic survival.


super relatable! I'm hoping that the arrival of the lab at the makerspace this coming week will once again get me back on track with some more regular hackery rather than the more recent "omg life is very complicated" hacks of the last couple months. we'll get there, my friends, we'll get there... ❤️

@cwebber @loke @akkartik @freakazoid @patrick @requiem


@djsundog @vertigo @cwebber @akkartik @freakazoid @patrick @requiem on my end, I've actually been working on my projects, but I only post when I have some major progress. Although I've been working on the UI for my programming language which is now getting closer to what could be called an ide, so perhaps it's time to post about it again.

I really want to reach the point where I can actually suggest that someone use my project to solve real problems.

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