Exactly 30 years ago, a huge demoparty took place for the first time in Aars, Denmark:
The Party!

And... it became legendary in the #demoscene history. (thread)




also hi I wish I'd been there

@Truck @fenarinarsa one of the first ones I went to was the NoCrew party over newyear 1990. I still have the t shirt from that party in the my drawer.

@loke @fenarinarsa I actually didn't get a shirt from my first party (Breakpoint, 2003.)

Why 2003? Because travel to parties in Europe was not something I could really do earlier. And the US or Canadian parties were... far away. Chicago->Quebec = distance, Chicago->San Diego = distance, and there were, you know. Very few people in the local area who could have done a party. Save Pyromaniac, who did them, but PC parties and ... yeah by the time we were talking he was in college and not local (: We finally met a week before I left for C attle. Just like how I saw Hardwired a week before I moved to Chicago, and all my friends in Akron said "OH. Now we get it. Yes. Let's make a demo!" (after YEARS of trying to get folks to work with me on a demo.)

Ah, such is my history with the scene (:


@Truck @fenarinarsa I did hear that the US scene has much less parties. I was lucky enough to be living in Sweden where a lot of the good ones were, with other big ones nearby, mostly in Finland and Germany. It was pretty easy to get to them, so we ended up going to several every year.

I'd like to argue that it was the golden age of parties. These days I live in Asia, so there is only one party I try to go to and that's our old group's meetup every year (although it's been cancelled for 2 years due to covid of course). It's a small one with a few tens of people only.

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