Checked out r/unixporn but it's all just completely flat themes with no visible UI elements. What's the point of showing off your ~-~kEwL~-~ Linux desktop if it just looks like Windows 10?

Like come on, where's the WindowMaker dock with 10 completely useless dockapps running? No rippling reflecting water effect at the bottom of the screen that uses up 50% of your CPU? Not even a Matrix code background? Kids these days...

This is what a real Unix desktop should look like. Bunch of useless dockapps, Matrix theme, XMMS, Unix joke about /dev/brain, IRC, list of movie players you use to play your illegally downloaded Buffy the Vampire episodes, and a folder of book warez downloaded from Project Gutenberg

@fraggle Is that a Sega Saturn style transparency? Because the terminal window is transparent with the desktop yet it's hiding the window between them.

@Genstar fuck yes the fake transparency effect is another staple i completely forgot about. i can almost guarantee that whoever took this screenshot was using aterm specifically to get that one feature


@fraggle @Genstar now I really want to set that up. I've always been one of those people who does the minimal amount of visual configuration, and leaving pretty much everything as default (after disabling dark themes of course).

But because of that, if I tried to create something like the thing you showed it is almost guaranteed to be a glorious mess.

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