They need to stop making bond movies that are part of a greater narrative.


@garritfra This is a trend in movies and TV series for the last couple of decades. I don't like it at all. It's designed to keep you glued to a show, and you can't appreciate a single movie or episode for what it is.

Remember when TV-series had episodes with a story that started at the beginning of the episode and ended when the episode ended? It's impossible to watch a single episode of anything anymore. With that in mind, is there any show that doesn't do this?

@loke the point you're making is a good one. Do you think that shows like The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family also fall into that category?

Black Mirror and Love, Death and Robots are shows with many fully independent stories. Definitely worth watching, if you're into that genre.

@garritfra I have never watched modern family, but big bang theory definitely qualifies as a single-storyline-per-episode.

I have no problem with long-running arcs, but it should be possible to watch a single episode and get enjoyment from it without having to commit oneself to watch an entire season.

As a Star Trek fan, I think the series that did this best was DS9. They let the main arc grow slowly, with interesting individual episodes, and the final season had a longer more continuous arc.

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