Can we just take a moment to think about how amazing Skinny Puppy’s “Rabies” is?

@requiem going to have to play it immediately after seeing this.

@mike @requiem Same. I'm going back to Skinny Puppy right now. I have to say that they have more masterpieces than just that album.

Skinny Puppy is one of those bands where you can listen to the same song for years on end, and still find new things to enjoy about those songs.

@loke @requiem oh look, I don't want to short change any other Skinny Puppy works, but Rabies was the hook that got me into them.

@mike @requiem For me it was 12 Inch Anthology. Especially Dig It, which I believe is the hook for a lot of new listeners.

I'm also a huge fan of Too Dark Park.

What's your opinion on less discussed albums like Vivisect VI? Or The process?

@loke @requiem Too Dark Park has been in my driving playlist for decades at this point. Vivisect VI never grabbed me the same way as the others did. Last Rights I can't get enough of, especially Killing Game. Don't think I ever got around to Process, heh. One day!

@mike @requiem Vivisect VI is very pure in some sense. I just listened to it again. I recommend you go back to it. Perhaps you'll have changed your mind?

@loke @requiem I don't dislike it, don't get me wrong. It just didn't take up residence in my head the way Rabies and Last Rights did.


@mike @requiem By the way, thank you both for getting me back to listening to Skinny Puppy. I think I'll go through all their albums while at work.

I've listened to a lot of death metal lately, and while there is of course nothing wrong with death metal, I need to go back to my roots and listen to some high quality synth again 😉

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