This is how I would react too as a Swedish person. Ever since I left Sweden I think I may have confused people a few times when being asked how I am.

@loke Same for me. And anyone who says "it's rude to actually answer with how you are doing" - no. No, it is absolutely NOT rude, and if you ask and you don't want to know - then YOU'VE made the mistake in ASKING.

@Truck @loke A simple alternative to that question is "Hey. Na!?"

That is a colloquial greeting that means "I recognized you. Is everything okay? I'd have a minute to listen to you but I'm okay when you don't want or need to. Anyway, good to see you."


@Truck I agree fully. Asking how someone is doing and then not expecting an answer, that's what's rude.

If you ask me how I'm doing you better be prepared to listen to whatever minor ailments I'm being bothered by at the moment (this is because besides Swedish people being honest about such things, it's also considered rude to boast, so you have to mention something that isn't good in order to be polite in your answer)

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