I feel like Hong Kong is experiencing a second wave of Fjällräven Kånken backpacks.

I did regular #kånkenspotting reports back in 2017, but after a while I didn't notice them much any more, they faded into the new mix of background radiation of backpacks.

But lately I feel that the Kånken incidence is making new leaps. I start noticing it again. Could be all in my head, of course. Maybe I stayed home too much and forgot what the Kånken base rate felt like. Or maybe they're actually on the rise again, to a higher new normal.

#fjällraven #fjallraven #kånken #kanken #kankenspotting

@clacke they were all over Singapore last year. When we visited Sweden we bought one for my daughter that isn't available here. People seem to notice that.

It's funny how I used the same bag back when I started 1st grade

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