I'm doing some research and it looks like most modern computer power supplies support 100-240 VAC and 50-60Hz, which means they can be used in either US or Europe as long as you have a power cord that fits the local outlets. Does that sound right?

@annika yup. Europe is generally 220-240V at 50Hz; and North America is usually 110-120V at 60Hz, so either one will work.

Additionally, those ranges also support the various other formats (Japan does 100-120V at 50Hz *or* 60Hz depending on where you are in the country, and I'm aware of 220V/60Hz, but I forget where).

I'm not aware of anywhere in the world where the main AC household system falls outside of that range.


@phessler @annika It's interesting. I got curious as to what South America uses, and while the North American influence seems to reach Colombia, south of that is a bit more mixed. Brazil seems to be using both 110 and 220, a 60 Hz. That's really weird.

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