I have had Slashdot in my feed reader for a long time. I don't generally read it anymore, but it's still there.

So I found myself reading the comments to the vaccine story, and man, that place has become a truly toxic hellhole since last time I was using it.

@loke I don't think it's been in my reading rotation for at least 15 years and I'm occasionally surprised to realise it still exists. I'm not surprised it's gone that way, it always was a bit awful in the comments really.

@mike Yeah, I think it's time to delete it from my feed reader.

It's really quite remarkable how toxic the comments are now. I mean, for comparison I went to the Fox News comments section. Indeed something I wish I hadn't, but I still think the Slashdot ones are worse, by a lot.

@loke I stopped going there around the time there was a domain hijacking thread and I responded because I was working at a registrar that was involved. Internet tough guys started going on about my kneecaps almost immediately so I kind of gave up.

@loke @mike it's like everyone has moved on, except for a core of grudge-holding unemployable sysadmins.

@loke Been wishing i could delete my old account and sever all ties to it for well over a decade. But they seem to wear their immutability of all user data as a badge of pride, just like they do when it comes to giving everyone a permanent platform.


slashdot improved very slightly when they muted anonymous coward posts, but that just meant a bunch of sockpuppets had to make actual accounts. there's a lot of garbage posting there, but there's a lot of garbage posting all over the place.

@loke any alternative quality news feed you would recommend instead? I have never read comments on Slashdot, but have been reading the headlines.

@codingquark I usually follow the Hacker News feed. The interesting headlines that come up ont he Slashdot feed have usually been on the HN feed a day earlier. 🙂

Aside from that the feed is quite good.

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