One problem of doing any #retrocomputing is I get used to bytes and kilobytes again, and then when I see modern junk need megabytes or gigabytes, I flip my shit and scream "what the fuck do you need 325,000 Atari 800s for just to draw a screen?!"

@mdhughes Funny you should mention this, as I just increased the memory allocation for my programming environment from 16000 Atari 800's to 87000 Atari 800's.

I needed that because not only do I need to draw graphics. I also need to debug my code and edit text.

@loke But I used to do all those things on 1 (one) Atari 800. So clearly we have all gone very wrong.


@mdhughes Indeed. That said, I guess I shouldn't be talking since I started on a computer with much more memory than the Atari 800. I was using a Commodore 64 with 64 kB of RAM.

I don't think I really ever ran our of memory on though.

@loke Not actually more, Atari only used 8K ROM, C64 wasted 20K on ROM; I would boot and have 32-38K free depending on DOS and other stuff. And eventually I had a 1200XL.

@mdhughes Well, true. But on the C64 you could hide the ROM and use the full 64 kB RAM. Of course, if you did you wouldn't be able to use BASIC anymore.

@mdhughes I also note that my development tool that I use right now takes up 183000 times more space than the (already bloated) C64 BASIC.

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