A good thought experiment: is it actually harder to teach someone to use Ubuntu 20.04 than Windows 10 for general computing tasks like web browsing, email, word processing, and light photo editing?

If so - why?

Spoiler alert: yea, it is, but every instance of this is the fault of large tech companies.

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Yes, installing Linux is a pain - as much of a pain as installing Windows. But users don't usually do that, because Microsoft makes deals with everyone under the sun.

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@tindall Wouldn't it make more sense to rephrase that to say: Getting Linux on your computer is a much bigger pain than Windows, because Windows comes preinstalled.

This is because installing Windows is a lot harder than installing Linux. Windows requires you to find all sorts of of special drivers and it's not always clear where to get them, while on Linux is generally all preinstalled.

That doesn't matter all though, for the exact reason you highlighted. Microsoft has, since the 80's, relied on ensuring that computers come preinstalled with Windows by default, and have in the past taken to illegal means to keep it that way.

People who argue that Microsoft are good now probably are not fully aware of just how bad they behaved, and the only reason they reduced their amount of bad behaviour was because the Web and Cloud computing was threatening them to become irrelevant.

Once Microsoft has power over a given technology, you can be sure that they will leverage that power to crush competition everywhere possible.

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