dont worry everyone i got my 2015 high school snakes and ladders assignment to compile i know you were all very concerned about it but its workign

i can't believe i submitted this as for an assignment my god

so uh if you think 2019 lynne makes bad programs

this was 2015 lynne's assignment for IPT

That was amazing. Are you releasing it as open source? This needs a Linux port.

@loke i guess i may as well release the source

even if it is really badly written visual basic made before the teacher had told us what an array was


@lynnesbian I think the reason why I love this so much is because it represents the innocence of a newboe programmer. The first project before one has started to become so bogged down in software architecture decision and visual design.

It's the playfulness of it that really shows why programming is fun. I wish I had my first code, but I usually didn't even save my work. I just turned the computer off and started a new project when I turned the computer back on.

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