I'm using a laptop with a 2k screen, and in order to make text a bit larger so that it's reasable, I've set the text size in the KDE settings a bit higher. This works in most applications, but Firefox seems to ignore it.

Is there a way to get Firefox to use a large font size for all sites? (i.e. like a default zoom level)

It's kind of annoying having to use Chromium.

@akarshanbiswas Well, I set the font DPI setting in the KDE config, which I thought would affect everything. Most applications to adjust properly, including Chromium, but Firefox doesn't.

@loke Try manually editing the "layout.css.dpi" in about:config. It should be -1 as default.

@akarshanbiswas Thanks. I tried that and it did't change anything. However, I found layout.css.devPixelsPerPx which seems to do exactly what I need.

Thanks a lot for your help!

@loke Ah this one I put the wrong key.

Anyway, you're welcome. 🙂


Do you mean like
"Options -> General -> Fonts and Colors"?

I personally set FF to not load external fonts and use my own fonts/sizes as well. Changing this won't change, say, the text size on tabs. To change the font within FF itself (not just the websites), you'd have to edit the gtk2 (3?) config file & I'm not sure how to change the size there.

@loke back in the day you would set a the default font size in the preferences, not sure if it's still there. But also back in the days thatvwould only be helping if the webdevelopers would have used a font size in a relative size like em instead absolute like px.

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