I just want to hack. I don't want to spend a goddamn week each learning $framework1, $framework2, .., $frameworkN, and then another O(n^2) worth of my life force learning how to combine them. God damn.

I taught myself assembly language with nothing but a book, paper notebooks, and a computer with one (1) floppy drive, when I was 16. I am sick of all these fucking frameworks.

I think need to either code microcontrollers or nothing at all.


I've done a lot of Common Lisp, and while there are libraries, of course, there isn't much in the way of frameworks.

I believe it's because the language makes it so easy to do these things on the fly when needed so your typical framework would be about 5 lines of code in Lisp.

Yes, this was a message from Lisp marketing

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