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Last week fighting Joplin sync on my WebDAV server, only to realize today that I put "http" instead of "https" in the URL, the server was responding "301" to Joplin and Joplin was getting confused.

If we're serious about inclusiveness in a globalized world, all post-pandemic conferences should livestream for free.


Majority of the developers don’t have time/budget to go to a single conference a year.


Tired: cleveland-no-no-no.gif
Wired: Cleveland, his bathtub crashing.

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Tired: homer-simpson-bush.gif
Wired: Homer, walking backwards in the bushes.

(Well, I still have my horny account there, so I could is that...)

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I should just let go. I'm not seeing his shit anymore. It shouldn't bother me.

But it bothers. Oh heck, it bothers me so much someone that keeps attacking people, saying racism doesn't exist (even with the poor logic that "racists exist, not systemic racism"). It bothers me so much that I do want to create a new account just to keep reporting him.

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Also, looks like he spend the DAY posting things like "there is no systemic racism" to Every. Single. News Account. on Birdsite.

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Oh, look! The asshole I've been reporting on Birdsite for attacking everyone blocked me.

I never interacted with him.

Guess it is time to create a fake account and go back reporting him!

(Pandoc converts the Org tags to HTML tags, but ignores everything else, like HTML preambles, stylesheets, etc.)

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Emacsers, is there something that one could use to automate the export of Org notes to HTML, without having to go through Emacs interface (being able to run from the command line without interacting with the editor is fine)?

Today is a day that life is getting in the way of life.

... and because today is a Black Conscience Day here in Brazil and last night a black person was murdered by a supermarket guards, I guess it is time to post this again:

I'm really lost on figuring out where the issue is on my droplet.

... and, on top of that, now my Vagrant can't start 'cause libvirt is failing to recognize its net interface. πŸ˜žβ€‹

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sigh Joplin can't upload a note (large one) 'cause it gets a 504 from the server.

That's a "Gateway timeout" from... something.

It doesn't seem to be on nginx, 'cause its errors logs show nothing.

It doesn't seem to be the Apache inside the snap, 'cause it also doesn't show anything in its logs.

I really need to fix the damn install and get rid of snap althogether.

I love when web designers don't realize that "clicking" changes "focus" and "space" also acts as "click".


  • Last night, using Jitsi, I muted myself with a click on the mute button. But Jitsi also allows using space to mute/unmute. So, what happened? Pressing space would either trigger their keybind action or the pseudo-click, and then the other one would kick in. Result: I was quickly unmuting myself and muting again.

  • Just now, I paused Prime with a click in the play/pause button. To play again, I used space. Same thing happened: One kicked in and resumed play and then the other kicked in and pause it again.

So far, Prime Music now is my "find good things on Bandcamp" thingy.

Current work-around:

Instead of syncing all my notes on my work account, I'm going to create a new directory on NextCloud and sync only the work notes there.

This should reduce the amount of transferred data and such. Also, if something bad happens here, it is easy to "forget" everything I captured.

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Found the MySQL configuration in the snap, but it seems its location is a mount point of sorts, so I can't change the configuration file 'cause the mount is readonly (and not even root can change it now).


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