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I'm not "moving fast and break things", just the last part (sadly).

If Python had a strong type system like Rust, I wouldn't have the problem I'm facing now...

Guess who just realized they forgot to renew their domain?


Having morning coffee in the office instead of home has its downsides.

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Got in the office, took the stairs, though "I'll check things on my phone, so I don't think about all the steps" and just then I realized I forgot my phone at home.

I also had a ~/.cache/electron dir, with zips from like 2018.

People, if you never invalidate it, it's not a cache. It's a dump.

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Did I... did I really chained my functions in a pretty, easy way to add a parameter between all of them?

Not that I'm all that focused today, but looking at some issue with Vagrant+VirtualBox+Windows-for-tests really throw me out of the loop for everything.

I finally found a different colorscheme for Vim that I find ok: Tokyo Night.

But I'm trying to find the same theme (or, at least, similar) for Emacs with not much result.

Latest thing I found:

It tries to capture the terminal codes for different colors, spawning a different new process with tput for every color they want.

You can't skip this, 'cause it runs straight out of the module level.

It causes a bunch of warnings 'cause your process finishes before the tput call can finish.

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Every time I find something weird going on on our project, it is PyFoam fault.

Honestly, Strings being iterables in Python caused more harm then good. They should've done something like Rust, in which a method will return the iterator for the content of it.

But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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At this point on my dev life, I should be really aware of that, but... here we are again.

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Python considering strings iterables is really fucking up my life today.

I love rust 👉​👈​ I expect to struggle once I tackle a real project with it, but the book (coupled with rustlings) is the best introduction I've ever read no matter the language

Começaram a aparecer os “santinhos”.

“Vou olhar só pra ter uma ideia de quem tá concorrendo.”

Santinho com “Fora Bolsonaro”.

Ganhou meu voto.

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