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What the FUCK, Fedora?

Installing PHPUnit also installs the Symfony package?!?

Kinda worried that I'll find the same problems when I try the Swift track.

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Oh, balls. Exercism believes only Xcode can compile Objective-C, even if GCC and Clang, directly, have support for it for a long time.

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Um canal de programação em C deveria ser chamar "Studio H".

(Porque <stdio.h>, tá ligado?)

Songs that keep playing with stereo, making the sound appear to be "floating" around you are really painful when you're on low energy.

Ho ho ho, CodersRank is now showing that I have experience in Elixir.

Oh wow. Someone posted a DeVault post on Lobster, but instead of linking directly to his site, posted the Outline link for it.

I love it!

I don't understand BGP, but reading about Facebook incident, it feels like we got a distributed "No route to host".

I've been dancing around projects, fixing small bugs, that now I'm completely dizzy.

(I may be confused by their usages, but since both use the same name...)

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Ok, honestly, I'm not seeing anything "that good" in the way C# does delegates compared to the way ObjC does delegates...

What if all Facebook stuff broke due that Let's Encrypt certificate expiring?

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