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Can't stop laughing since I saw this. 🤣

Definitively the best idea I had for #Sengi. 😶

RT: This is all too often how UX design is considered and practiced.

South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, says that they are willing to share their lessons from its peaceful transition to democracy with the US

I checked, rechecked and re-rechecked that I did, in fact, added an alias for vim=nvim in Fish configuration, I even changed another value in the same file to make sure the file was, in fact, being read in Fish initialization, I did even moved the alias line to another position, just to make sure it wasn't something broken preventing Fish from reading the file...

And, yet, it still refuses to make, at start up, vim=nvim.

(Currently, I'm using Evolution, mostly 'cause damn HTML emails; otherwise, I'd be running Mutt.)

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After a long time, I tried Thunderbird again and... You know, it isn't as bad as I remember...

Why does Fish doesn't expand aliases before sudo?

I have an alias for nvim as vim, but calling sudo vim [some_file] causes sudo to complain that vim: command not found.

After a whole week, I managed to properly organize the code, split responsibilities and add the missing bits to make a long process inside Django views work with Celery.

File formats are dump, what the fuck is a jpeg??? What is an MP3??? Just call it like dog.picture and

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