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Just hear me out:

Things went downhill when they started replacing GIFs with MP4.

Just sayin'

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The Hike πŸ’š A 6 inch aerial embroidery complete with 3D hills, my first ever! I really enjoyed making them and I'm definitely going to do more :D it also has two hikers, sheep and Dartmoor ponies, boulders, and heather bushes - quite a lot tiny details! #handmade #uksmallbiz

Oh, come on, Vim! Why can't I start an abbreviation with ":"?

Corollary: there is nothing that even remotely looks like it could leak.

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In all these years, I don't remember a Python application leaking this bad.

You know one thing that we need to be rewritten in Rust?


Dunno why, but I feel kinda sad throwing pens away (when they are out of ink).

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.


You know what differentiates a senior developer and a junior?

A senior developer has some knowledge of the proper words to use in a search engine to find the real reason of a crash.

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