Tim Cook: "Thank you for joining us. Stay safe, and have a great day."

Missing: "And please, someone SAVE MEE!!!!"

(It's kinda unsettling that someone thought putting Cook in the middle of high grass -- which looks like someone's gardener resigned 6 months ago -- would be a good idea.)

Ok, one thing:

It is weird that the MacBook Pro is the only laptop that doesn't come in colours -- I think even Space Grey is out, it's the pure silver colour.

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If you get into a hipster coffee shop with the new MacBook Pro, all the hipsters would congratulate you for using a vintage computer.

Unrelated, but Kate Bergeron sounds a lot like a female Tim Cook.

If Apple is smart, she would be promoted to some high level PR position and shown in every event from now on.

"Connectivity: HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, SD card on right. Headphone jack, two more Thunderbolt 4, MagSafe 3 on left."

"MagSafe is back to the MacBook Pro."

See? 2015 model is back!

Muahahahaha, they even took the touch bar out and brought a bunch of keys back!

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"We shown the M1 to some pros and they were impressed with it."

"Unity model designer", "Game designer"... Those are people that do not care about the chip, they care if they can easily change models.

I have a feeling Apple wants to distance itself from normal customers and let Microsoft take that, while they take control of some niches, like 3D modeling, ML and video editing.

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"3x faster ML performance."

Again, normal users do not train their ML things.

I mean, I'm a fucking nerd, and even I'm bored with the news of the M1 family of chips (M1, M1Pro, M1Max).

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"Look, it's 40% less energy than most laptops, with the same performance."

Yeah, super fast, but what's the point for normal customers if the only thing that can use all that is a CAD or 3D design application, which is not what the normal customer uses?

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"We redesigned the MacBook Pro from the ground up."

I bet the case is exactly the same.

Dutta: "Now we want to have our AirPods available to even more people. So here is the third generation of AirPods."

Those are not related, Dutta.

Home Pod mini, in colours!

Now you can put a colour on the loss of your privacy!

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