I could be the Apple event today, but I'm not in the mood for it, to be honest.

Also, for a presentation that started talking about racism and equality and supporting black people, having just one black person on stage was kinda of dick move.

Wow, the presentation showing all the measures they took for it to go with proper safety.

Federighi: "As you can see, the new mac can run iOS and iPadOS with no change."


Wait, he launched an Apache server running on Linux on the new Apple silicon? And I missed because I was mocking stuff?

Wendker: "Here, I have Maia with an image with 6 billion poligons. See how smooth it moves."

Me: Yeah yeah, no textures, so meh.

Wendkey: "Let me enable textures and lightning, see how it still moves smoothly."


Federighi: "We use Rosetta to make applications built for the PowerPC to Intel, and now we are releasing Rosetta 2."

Where is the power marketing team you talked before, Craig?

There is a lot of talk about "native apps" taking advantage of the new silicon, which seems a bit of slap on Electron...

Federighi: "Microsoft is already using the new Xcode to convert their Office apps to the new macs."

Hm... Apple and Microsoft are getting too cozy, aren't they?

What would Jobs say about this?

Srouji: "We can get a lot of performance because we build the hardware and the software."

Yeah, we know.

Srouji: "Our high-performance GPU will being great performance."

Looks like Apple is not only ditching Intel, but also NVidia.

I don't want to rain on Srouji parade, but heck, that's one hell of a boring explanation.

Maybe Federighi feats made everything else boring.

Cook: "We are changing the mac to our own silicon."

No word about the architecture, but we all know.

Dakin: "I can click here and it will show all the trackers in the page."

Oh, like Firefox, then.

Federighi: "Extensions are very powerful, but can bring privacy challenges."


Federighi: "We use the Mac Catalyst to star the Maps on macOS."

The system is not the same, but the tools to make it so are all there.

The button to show the sidebar on iPadOS? It is there, on the macOS apps too.

Just sayin'.

Federighi: "On macOS, you can have access to all our new beautiful widgets."

Yeah, they are merging the systems, at least in appearance.

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