Well, meeting take longer than expected, so I guess it makes no point keep now...

"Photos uses intelligence to create these beautiful mosaics."

Yeah, like "random()" is AI now...

New HomeKit will now run on Apple devices _before_ sending the data to iCloud.

And it will be encrypted on route.

Not really mocking this.

Federighi: "Some services may ask for your email, but look at this: We allow hiding your address and Apple will create a brand new email for that service."

Damn, they stole my email canaries idea!

Federighi: "A lot of services get your location and you have no idea who they share it with who."

Two large icons: "Log in with Facebook" and "Log in with Google"

Fires have been shot.

Federighi showing the new Locations icon and before he announced what it was, I thought "Hey, that's the Telegram icon!"

Oh, not only Apple put a woman in the stage, they put a woman _in a wheelchair_ in the stage.

Someone is trying to raise the bar, it seems.

Federighi: "We drove 4 million miles to make the new maps."

Only in the US, as usual, isn't it?

Federighi: "Music, now shows lyrics."

Spotify suing Apple in 3, 2, 1...

Federighi: "The iOS 13 keyboard now accepts swipes."

Swype suing Apple in 3, 2, 1...

Federighi: "Let's take a look at our widgets, so nice"

Dude, those are the iOS 11 widgets, there was no change!

Federighi: "This release is packed with new features, and there is one I want to show you now"

They made a video for dark mode?

Federighi: "Face ID unlocking 30% faster"

Because we increased the error rate.