If I had any power in this company, I'd create a rule to enforce that Mondays should NOT be stressful in any way and people creating stress should be reprimanded.


Hey hold on, how can you do underlined text but I can't make a strikethrough?

@MutoShack Dunno.

I can see that it doesn't exist in the basic "standard" for markdown:

What about using ~a single tilde on each side~ ?

@MutoShack Glitch documentation says it supports sttrikethrough but the links for their Markdown and Redcarpet (the thing that interprets Markdown) is broken :(

@brad @juliobiason Nope. The Glitch docs say there's a dropdown menu for "plaintext / rich text / markdown / html" but I don't actually see it anywhere.

@MutoShack @juliobiason I actually tried that in the very post you're replying to, so I can tell you it didn't work. (but also I was posting in HTML, one of the options besides Markdown)
Mastodon might not support it.
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