One personal peeve I have with Apple:

When you buy something in their store (either through the store itself or through some in-app purchase), the transaction on my credit card not usually happen in the same time.

This means that I get random "transaction approved form of $X" notifications when I'm not expecting and have no idea what it means.

Worse: The receipt for such thing is not sent in the same time as the purchase or when the operation was received by the credit card company.

@juliobiason Credit card processors charge stores a fee for each charge they make, so what the shops do is batch up all the charges in some time period they want to make and do process them all at once. Checking to see if you have a sufficient balance, however, is much cheaper. So, at the time of purchase, they'll perform an "authorization", where they check to see if you have sufficient funds. If so, the store gambles that you'll still have those funds a week later (or whenever their next batch happens).

I can't know what Apple is doing behind the scenes, but I suspect a similar situation is at play.

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