What if I told you I want to replace my current iPad Air with the new iPad Air, for the single reason that it looks cooler?

One "problem" of getting the new iPad Air is that it would break my rule for Apple devices: Do not buy the new hardware till the current OS no longer compatible with the current one.

... and the current iPadOS is compatible with my old iPad Air.

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@juliobiason Only do this if you can find somebody who wants an iPad Air to give / sell the old one to. I know it's basically Apple's business model, but it's incredibly wasteful to buy new tech to replace old tech that still works fine.

Think of all the heavy metals in the processors, and the screen!

And exploited labour in mines of Africa and manufacturing plants in Asia.

@juliobiason I'd say please do, but I'd wait with that until the next model is announced in 2023 :p

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