> Spec slide has "Apple-designed U1 chip" on it

Anyone wanna guess with "U" stands for? I mean, the first chip, "A" was for Apple, since it was the first chip; then it came "M", for "motion". Now... "U"?

Apparently, it's a "UI" chip.

... which is really weird. Does it store the whole Cocoa library inside it?

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It's "U1" chip, not "UI" chip, people.

Sorry for the confusion.

Move along.

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@juliobiason What???

I can see the need for a GPU to compute all the output detail, but I don't see what else needs dedicated chip. Input processing? State tracking?

And what would be left for the "A" chip to do?

> And what would be left for the "A" chip to do?

Increase the phone price. :p

Actually, it was my bad. The slide says "U1" chip, not "UI" chip.

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