That snap I installed on is really not performing the way a NextCloud install should perform.

It seems the whole problem with is the fact that I'm constantly getting "General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded".

Forums suggest that one should increase the lock wait timeout.

But... Heck, it's NextCloud that needs to do its queries more performant?

Awesome, there is no `my.cnf` inside the snap. Now, apparently, I can create one on `/etc`, but... will it work? I have a feeling that no, it won't.

I'm really considering removing the Snap and installing everything myself -- Redis, MySQL/MariaDB, Apache, ModPHP and NextCloud -- so at least I can fine tune it properly.


1. Open previously unopened directory on
2. 5 minutes and nothing.
3. Open SSH to the server
4. Run `top`.
5. `php-fpm` is using only 3% CPU, still nothing appears.

What the fuck is going on? This seems _really_ broken to me.

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