Is there any tiling for that instead of splitting the current view, keeps one window in focus and all other windows as small ones on the side?

(Kinda like Tiler (for ) keeps things on the side till Window 3 in the project GIF:

@juliobiason Yep. #DWM is what you want. The way it works by default (there are *tons* of different layouts you can install) is the window you just opened sits at the top of the "stack". Windows you've opened previously are further down the stack and displayed according to the layout. One of them, I can't remember which, lets the top window take up half the screen and the others dynamically resize to take up the other half. There are layouts that make it work more like i3, there's one that opens windows in a Fibonacci spiral, there's everything.

@juliobiason You can also move windows up and down the stack according to where you want them displayed.

Another interesting thing is their tag system. Rather than workspaces, you have numbered tags and windows can have more than one. Maybe you want Thunderbird kept at the bottom of the stack and displayed on all "workspaces" - you assign it all the tags and just move it to the bottom. It'll be present on every tag you move to and it'll stay in the smallest space.

You can also display multiple tags at once. Maybe you're working on a server in tag 2 and your browser is in tag 1 and you want to look at the documentation. Just tell DWM to display both.

@juliobiason @schlink AwesomeWM can, WMII can, though not sure if WMII's is out of the box

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