Did I mention that we at Igalia are hiring? We're hiring! Join our respectful egalitarian flat cooperative structure and let's build free open source software together. ❤️​

For students we also offer a CE programme:

Several areas of work are possible.
We're very remote-friendly.

@ioa not looking for golang/Scala programmers by any chance are you? I see mostly c++ on there but I thought I'd ask :P

@dumpsterqueer Unfortunately we don’t currently have any golang/scala projects I think, but I will double check. 😊

@ioa Thumbs up Igalia for being such a model not only as an organization that builds key freedom-respecting pieces of software, but also as an egalitarian cooperative! <3

@ioa is there any kind of federation of FLOSS flat cooperative you are into? Something like but in Spain? Would be 👍 to have international federation ✊


@lutindiscret @ioa @civodul Kaleidos works very similarly to a cooperative but it's formally a company. We explain a bit here (Spanish)

@ioa oh wow, this sounds amazing! Definitely applying, thanks for sharing! :D

@Suguivy @ioa DAMN,si no fuera porque no me puedo ir de donde estoy iba volando :akko_badday:

Espero que para cuando se arregle mi situación no se muito tarde

@catendy @Suguivy

Si es un problema de distancia, no hay problema, estamos "remote-friendly". :) Pero de todas maneras ofrecemos trabajos a menudo, y CEs cada año.

@ioa @Suguivy Ah, no, es por situación laboral. Trabajo en otra empresa en estado un poco complejo de tratos y etapa de desarollo, además de siutación financiera complicada en casa

En cualquier caso, me parece fascinante e increíblemente afín a mis intereses y propósitos. Definitivamente cuando pueda os contactaré
@ioa Hi, saw this a while ago and said that I couldn't because of personal and professional reasons. I still can't but I'm curious about the CE program. What kind of course is the one you have to be doing to be accepted? Like, is it for college students only or students in general? I'm doing a FPGS in Spain
@ioa are the tasks you guys deal with limited by multimedia, in general?

I'm an experienced C developer (I can write in C++ too, but definitely prefer C) and I look for a job at the moment. I write professional C software for over 20 years, but I specialize in networks, not in graphics.

some notes about my skills and background experience:……

my usual tasks are optimization, high-load network software (generally for providers, telecom, high-load servers with millions of users). I also wrote drivers (for network devices) and dealt with hardware development and microcontrollers programming back in times. I deal with services, backends, hardware-related software, console utilities, not end-user graphics desktop environments in general.

I'm a big open source fan, I use only OSS for many years. have a custom Void-based Linux build on my machines. the past 15 years I dealt with Linux only at home and at work.

I patch a lot of different C/C++ software for my custom build (I use musl libc in my build and a lot of experience in adapting code for it), including browsers. nothing big, just things like support of jackd sound output, getting rid of spying and extensions blocking components in later Chromium, etc. cannot say I'm interested in browsers development, I just purify different doubtful pieces to make use of them, this is rather a necessary measure than some kind of passion. browsers are terrible nowadays, yeah. so I'm just forced to do something about them. but my main interest are networks, still.

I have a higher education (bachelor degree in math and system programming), speak fluent English and some other languages. I reside in Russian Federation and the past years I work remotely as an idependent developer and/or consultant in software development.

so if you need some network things to be done - I'm here.

@ioa This is the place that employs the only Orca developer, too.

@ioa Erm, Orca being the only GUI screen reader in use on Linux right now.

@ioa when can we expect CE opportunities for 2021 to open?

@ioa Hola! Tienes alguna idea de cuando volverán a abrir el programa CE a nuevos participantes? Muchas gracias (:

@ioa igalia job adverts ways look amazing, at some point I will have a relevant skill set

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