Did I mention that we at Igalia are hiring? We're hiring! Join our respectful egalitarian flat cooperative structure and let's build free open source software together. ❤️​

For students we also offer a CE programme:

Several areas of work are possible.
We're very remote-friendly.

@ioa uh
I tried to work with you guys in the past but I wasn't experienced enough.
And now I'd like to do it too but... I don't want to work full-time :(

@ekaitz_zarraga @ioa Ohh, they are from Galicia! But I think that I will not have time, I'm very busy. It's a shame :(

@Suguivy @ekaitz_zarraga Whenever you’re ready, we offer a CE every year, and jobs regularly as well. 😊

@ioa not looking for golang/Scala programmers by any chance are you? I see mostly c++ on there but I thought I'd ask :P

@dumpsterqueer Unfortunately we don’t currently have any golang/scala projects I think, but I will double check. 😊

@ioa Thumbs up Igalia for being such a model not only as an organization that builds key freedom-respecting pieces of software, but also as an egalitarian cooperative! <3

@ioa oh wow, this sounds amazing! Definitely applying, thanks for sharing! :D

@Suguivy @ioa DAMN,si no fuera porque no me puedo ir de donde estoy iba volando :akko_badday:

Espero que para cuando se arregle mi situación no se muito tarde

@catendy @Suguivy

Si es un problema de distancia, no hay problema, estamos "remote-friendly". :) Pero de todas maneras ofrecemos trabajos a menudo, y CEs cada año.

@ioa @Suguivy Ah, no, es por situación laboral. Trabajo en otra empresa en estado un poco complejo de tratos y etapa de desarollo, además de siutación financiera complicada en casa

En cualquier caso, me parece fascinante e increíblemente afín a mis intereses y propósitos. Definitivamente cuando pueda os contactaré
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