ELS2021 online is announced and the call for papers is out. Looking forward to it!! 🤩​

@lisp @commonlisp @scheme

@ioa Great news!

I see it’ll be hosted on Twitch; does that require non-free software? It would be great to offer a free-software-only option such as Jitsi or BigBlueButton!


Good suggestion, Ludovic! Last time Twitch was chosen because of issues with Jitsi and large meetings (>100 people expected), and I don't think anyone knew about BigBlueButton (just found out, thank you).

Perhaps the local organiser @phoe can say more to this?

I hope to see you at ELS2021, Ludovic! :)

@ioa @civodul Twitch is viewable in the browser and requires no binary blobs to be executed. If you are allergic to nonfree Javascript, then it's a no-go, though.

We're evaluating the different technologies - we've been thinking about Jitsi or some of its variants, but we'll need to think about acquiring proper hardware for a conference that can take up to hundreds of possible viewers. Do you know any resources that could be helpful here?

@phoe @ioa @civodul I personally only watch with mpv, which will open a URL directly if youtube-dl is installed.

@smuglispweenie @ioa @civodul Awesome! I wasn't aware of that! This will require no non-free software whatsoever, then.

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