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Yay! #Mastodon 2.0 is finally here! 🐘🎆

Read all about the custom emojis, new changes and much more at:

If anyone is interested, I've a discount code for for Sony Xperia X

I'm looking for a with 62 keys. Vortex Pok3r looks like a good candidate, but it's quite expensive.
I know mechanical keyboard are expensive in general, but do you know anything cheaper? (I don't need LEDs or retroillumination)

A lot of the software used by public institutions is proprietary. This means that the public - including you - is financing software that cannot be modified, studied, shared, or improved.

How can we put our trust in public bodies if they don't have full control over the software they are using?

Shouldn't your money be used to develop software that benefits you and other citizens?

If you think it should, join the #publiccode campaign.

Public Money? Public Code! 31 organisations ask to improve public procurement of software !fellowship - #news # fsfe

TIL: "real people" use real answers to forgot password questions.

So, with 57 Origin broke for a couple of days (it's fixed now! \o/), but how the hell "real people" browse the web without adblocking extension?!? Jesus, popups and shit everywhere!

Most people have a hard time imagining what it's like to use a computer when you're visually impaired. This article by a blind software developer might help with understanding why accessibility matters.

Without specialized software, people with disabilities are effectively prevented from participating in activities the rest of us take for granted. This is why KDE developers will gather at #Randa2017 to make our software more accessible.

While I really like *a lot* how configurations are handled in , the bad quality of packages (and the few available) could bring me back to very soon :-/

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