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I bought a dozen of "Original USB Condom"s. If anyone is interested I sell some for 8€ + shipping (I'm no earning from this); I'm based in Italy.

Time to rebuild a ton of docker images:

If you used anything alpine based and used apk to install packages it's may compromised. You are advised to rebuild the image to fix it. If you use an image that is an intermediate image that is based on alpine linux, may wait a day until they are rebuild as well.

#infosec #alpinelinux #docker #container #security

Meanwhile, the EU has voted to kill the Internet as we know it and possibly aid in creating an even bigger surveillance machine in the process.

Civil disobedience is the way forward on this one. We redouble our efforts to create decentralised alternatives and if they’re deemed illegal by this myopic legislation, so be it. Fuck ’em. We go to jail if we need to.

If you had any illusions that the battle for personhood and human rights would be easier in our age, think again.


Our new Android app liberates you from using Google services. ✊ Read here how we managed to replace Google's push notification service & to publish the app on @fdroidorg 👉

Today Twitter changed its API to lock out 3rd party clients. In case you want to improve your social media experience, join me in the free, decentralized and open world: #Mastodon #Twitter

Hey, what's up? We can proudly announce to you that pmOS is now up on mastodon!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a Mastodon instance hosted under the fomain where you could follow all the diverse people in Europe working at the EU parliament, the working groups, etc.?
An official source of information and dialogue with citizens.


@ilpianista Hey! Finally on Mastodon as well :) Thanks again for FeedToot, still use it to monitor #qutebrowser here and it works like a charm! :)

Hey @Liberapay, you should move to an open source blogging platform

I want to try myself .

My VPS on is finally expired so I took a 3GB from ( Anyone else host is own mail server? Which solution (postfix+dovecot, , , , ...) did you use?

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