Why the HELL do people push their ~/ config files to public git repositories 🤦‍♂️
I was looking for a specific file and I got access to the board of this guy. This is just one example... there are SO MANY and for all tastes (GitHub, Spotify, cookies ...)

(if you are wondering, I mailed the guy and got a 'thanks')

I'm working on a native client for (I hope they don't mind about their logo here, I'll ask them before I publish the app...).

However, I understand this isn't much, but actually the code behind that is using the REST API interface, not D-Bus.

Quite a few contributions to some external project this month 😉​

The keyboard layout I did years ago (to help me survive using it at work) is becoming one of my most popular project 😅

It does provide 2 shortcuts which are provided out of the box under , but which aren't available by default under Windows github.com/ilpianista/itlinux-

I cannot explain why I didn't implement coloured output since the beginning <3


@caltlgin it looks like I cannot add your searx instance as search engine for Firefox because the 'at sign' in the ShortName breaks the OpenSearch parser:

So, @nextcloud's RSS reader is broken because CloudFlare is blocking my VPS provider... who should I mail first? a) the websites b) my VPS provider c) nextcloud (it isn't their fault really...)

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