Giving another try... I can "force" my gf to use that, but I don't know how to "force" other people to switch... 👿

@ilpianista i managed to bring a bunch of people to signal over a looong time. Not being pushy helped I think

@Maltimore I suppose that setting your WA status to "Using WhatsApp Plus (Signal Private Messenger)" would help our fight 😉

Seems like you are also surrounded by statists IRL. Frankly, I don't know what to do about that.

Perhaps we're all living in a tiny bubble, and there is an unbearable "outer world" we stopped noticing long ago.

Anyway, I'm usually trying to focus on the most important persons, and try to inform and equip them and only them, not waste time and energy on those beyond any hope.

I don't want to waste my time neither and this is because I ask for "hints" here, because I know we live in a bubble and the people outside of this bubble cannot or don't want to see how corporations and govs are monitoring our lives. So, maybe you already tried something that worked or something that should be avoided (e.g. forcing/pushing)

In my experience, you can only persuade someone to use a superior communication tools, or generally admit a virtues, if only you already have a relatively good and long relations with that person. Otherwise you probably shouldn't even try.
Reaching the most people will only make you reported.

Sure, I may be wrong, and, of course, you shouldn't blindly follow this my "advice" — just an opinion.
I personally discovered everything by myself from the public sources, not a evangelists.


I use Signal too

But getting people to switch is close to impossible

force won't work. be patient and let them only one choice:
*your preferred Messenger
your friends will follow, you just have to be patient

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