I want to learn since I was 14. However I never had the strength to put myself 100% on this.

But here I am, trying again! Do you have any resource to suggest? I'm listening at "Deutsch - warum night?" podcast by Deutsche Welle, but I also have Assimil's book.

are you looking for just any nice german podcasts, or one that is made for learning german?
What I'm regular listening are:

specialisted for learning german you might like to take a look at this:


@ilpianista I'm a native German speaker so I don't know the resources, but what helped me when learning English was to read children and young adult's books. Wenn man nicht jedes Wort nachschlagen muss bleibt die Motivation zum Weiterlesen erhalten. Probiere mal Michael Ende, zum Beispiel "Momo" oder "Die Unendliche Geschichte". Ich bin ein grosser [Swiss spelling for "großer"] Fan davon. Beides ist auch für Erwachsene interessant. Die Geschichten haben eine zweite (philosophische) Ebene.

Thanks, after the courses I'll try to read books indeed! I'm not ready to understand the German part yet :-)

@ilpianista But you will be :-) By the way, is a great translation tool based on deep learning. (Much better than google translate.)

@ilpianista The German Duolingo seems to be useful (disclaimer: haven't tried German myself, only Italian and Spanish)

@ilpianista Additionally you can listen to the Daily-News (spoken in slow and good understandible german) from Deutsche Welle:
@ilpianistaI I've had German at pre-scientific education level and now keep up by listening to the podcast of #ccc #Berlin #Chaosradio show -
@ao @ilpianista you could also check Tim Pritlove's #CRE podcasts. I think they are good for learners of German as they are well structured, audio is excellent and #Pritlove speaks very clearly and not too fast. The topics are always very interesting.
@ao Umm… This is actually the only CRE episode I didn't like. It's about #systemd with it's author Poettering as the guest. @ilpianista
And they have mp3, m4a, vorbis and opus feeds, all available through proper rel="alternative" links, so you just have to put "" into your audiofeed reader. Impressive!

The proper link elements should be minimum effort for anyone calling themselves a podcast, but sadly it's pretty rare.

@ilpianista I heard a recommendation for Forever Fluent. I read the reviews, and it seems good. It has a collection of updated research papers that the author used according to the reviews.

From the research that I read, the most important thing is to have constant exposure. Your brain makes the grammar that way.

Other helpful tools are anki, follow target language magazines on twitter, and try tweeting in German. Good luck :)

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