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As I'm new here (and on Mastodon), introduction time !

I'm a CS PhD student in a French institution near Paris, working on the specification language of Frama-C to enable users to have a more global view than function contracts when specifying.

All this work is happily written in OCaml (omnipresent in French academia) so that's the ecosystem I know the most, but I know a bit of Haskell.

I've a terrible website (, maybe I'll make something of it someday. Also I like Japan.

See you !

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Coq, but when I type "Proof." the pokemon battle music starts and when I type "auto." it says "Tactic is not very effective"

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tar xvzf archive.tar.gz


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After 5 months of work, #Funkwhale 0.20 is now available! 🎉

Release announcement (with highligths):
Full changelog and upgrade instructions:

We'll also publish some release highlights here later, but everything you need to know is available in those two links!

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors, testers, reviewers, translators, devs, designers, writers… We did a great job together!

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programming allows you to turn your terrible ideas into terrible programs

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This week, a french court declared that "Valve Software cannot forbid to sell back a game bought in the Steam platform, even it is available only under digital form". Altough Valve will contest this decision, this justice decision may represent a shift in how we buy, consume and sell our digital leisures, and kickstart a vast move on interoperability between platforms, possibly ending DRMs!

Don't hesitate to spread this information and show your support to this decision!


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regex crash course! 

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Curieux, il me semblait pourtant que la réussite des élèves dépendait plus du nombre d'élèves par classe et du respect du corps enseignant. Mais si il suffit de mettre des caméras et des tablettes pour que les élèves réussissent, c'est facile en fait !

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Aaaaaaaaaa Si tu tends l'oreille aaaaaaaaaaaa

eye contact 

Just assembled a nice paper theater with the help of @merricat

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computer science book on dadaist datastructures (dadastructures)
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vacation levels are 58% and steady

(58%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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Ahh the dreaded feeling of the PhD student: “I will meet with my supervisor in a few days and I need to make some progress before that, except I'm not making any”

Also known as: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

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Politique / kebab 

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Le livre qui n'était pas interdit

Je me suis découvert un tabou. J'ai découvert que, parfois, j'ai envie de mettre un H majuscule à mon Histoire personnelle. Et que ça me rend malade quand on essaie d'y toucher pour justifier des e-querelles de e-clochers.

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The crowdfunding of has reached its first milestone in 5 days and that's really cool. I really hope it will reach the 2nd one for which Framasoft has pledged to make it federated through ActivityPub.

Nowadays instead of setting up a Doodle, most people I know set up a Framadate. Having a similar shift from Facebook events to Mobilizon would be great.

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